Pre-Made Covers


E-Book Only

  • Minimal changes only

  • Free 3D Mockup

  • Free font and coloring changes

  • Any other changes incur more charges depending on the change

$70.00-$90.00 USD

Abstract Surface


  • This includes Custom and Pre-Made Covers

  • Regular Hardcover: $30.00 USD

  • Hardcover with Dust Jacket: $60.00 USD

  • Any other changes incur more charges depending on the change

$30.00-$60.00 USD

Paint Cloud

Ebook + Paperback

  • Paperback measured for upload to any available platform

  • Must provide an exact page count

  • More changes allowed for the back cover 

  • Drafts sent via email for review

$150.00-$180.00 USD

Abstract Galaxy

Audio Cover

  • Free with the purchase of the ebook and paperback package. Otherwise, the price is $30.00 

$30.00 USD


Please provide your book title, subtitle, and author name upon ordering.

All covers are done at 6×9 inches (1800x2700px), 300DPI. Sizes can be adjusted.

For paperback, hardcover, and/or audio use the inquiry form to contact me about prices and other information before purchase. Please check your spam folder if you do not see a reply from me within 48 hours.

If you want minor changes in cover design and typography contact me before purchase. I will make any small changes for free (different fonts, colors, minor rearranging of design elements). Any major changes are custom orders and subject to custom cover pricing.  For custom covers prices please use the inquiry form or contact me at

Important Note:

I DO NOT send source files. I DO NOT send files without text. 
The cover may not be resold to a third party.
By purchasing this cover you agree to the terms and conditions provided on my website.

Specialty Covers

Specialty covers are book covers that I created from more than 10 images. In other words, every background, every plant, tree, building, etc. is from my imagination without the help of a set background. These are pre-made covers that are available in one package for a flat rate between $200.00- $300.00 USD. No other charges such as adding a character or making other slight changes will apply to these covers. 


Custom Covers


Custom Ebook and Paperback

$300.00 USD

Price includes an audiobook (if needed) and a free 3D Mockup. 

*Custom Orders can take up to 5-7 business days once ordered. 

*A deposit is required upon agreement of the work to be done on a custom cover. 

*You must agree to sign and return a contract that will release the images into your possession and other legalities contained on the contract. 



Packages include up to 2 models on the cover. Any extra models are another $20.00 charge. 

I don't recommend mixing an illustration with a regular book cover. If you have an illustration please let me know immediately. 

Any changes after the final book cover are published will incur an extra charge of $50.00. 

Specific changes to a model such as facial expressions and clothing are an extra $20.00 per change. 

*Custom Orders can take up to 5-7 business days once ordered. 


Bulk Orders


When you have 3 or more covers designed within a short period of time (less than 90 days between each cover), the following discounts will apply:

  • 10% for the second book cover in a series.

  • 15% for the third book cover in the same series.

  • Discounts count for Ebook and Paperback.

The discounts will be applied as each cover is designed. Any other cover after the original three will still incur a 10% discount. 

*Custom Orders can take up to 5-7 business days once ordered. 

Marketing Materials

FBCover2.3 copy.jpg

Facebook banner $30.00

Twitter banner $30.00

Instagram $30.00

Social Media package:



I know sometimes an author may have to cancel for one reason or another. If you and I cannot come to an agreement about the book cover art, I will refund the full amount of the deposit minus $25.00 USD for the work already done on the cover. You also give me full permission to remove your information and place the rejected book cover up for sale as pre-made on my website.