Frequently asked questions

Can I make changes to a pre-made cover?

You may make minimal changes such as coloring and font changes. Anything beyond that will incur extra charges up to custom cover pricing?

What is your turnaround time for a cover?

Pre-made covers usually take 24-72 hours. Custom covers are 5-7 business days. Paperbacks for pre-made covers can take 3-5 business days. Please email me immediately if you have a rush order.

Who pays for images?

I pay for all images used in your book cover. The websites I use are: Deposit Photos Shutterstock Adobe Stock I can always provide receipts for images. I also use specialty stores such as Neostock.

Can I use my own images?

Yes. If you already have an image that you want me to use for your book cover, send it together in an email. Also, you must own the rights to use the image. Supplying your own image will not affect the cover design fee.

Are you an illustrator

No. However, I can direct you to illustrators if you'd like. I use stock images that I manipulate and change to suit a book cover.

What if I have a detailed description of a model for a cover?

It's impossible to design a character to look exactly like your idea based on stock images available. I would suggest hiring a studio model.

How many revisions may I have?

Revisions are unlimited, within reason. However, if you want to totall change the concept, there's an extra $25.00 tacked onto the original price.

Ebook upgrade

I ordered an Ebook, but I want to upgrade to a paperback. May I do that? A: Absolutely, just send me an email and let me know you're ready for an upgrade and we'll work out the cost and time.

What if I can't provide a page count right away?

That's OK. I can always change the spine measurement later.

Why does my paperback look different in print?

A paperback will always look different in person. It will depend on what you've chosen on a platform and the fact that screens use RGB color to give you the best possible experience on your computer.